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Provide Network

Provider network data

Is dirty and hard to manage with over $2B in annual maintenance cost

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Fraud, waste and abuse

Is up to a $700B annual drain on the U.S. healthcare system

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Payers and providers need

A high-integrity clean claim system to reduce approximately $400B in claims denials

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Payers, providers and patients

Need care and cost transparency to make better healthcare decisions

$1 Trillion In
Major Healthcare

Seamlessly improving healthcare integrity and quality while reducing cost and risk with one simple decision



provider network data integrity and performance

real-time by automating data insights that enable real- time provider data management and network optimization while reducing costs



healthcare fraud, waste and abuse

with automated real-time financial, clinical and behavioral data insights that help prevent, detect and recover fraudulent claims



payment integrity and revenue cycle performance

by automating and intelligently aligning claims submissions with payment guidelines to reduce denials and the operational burden of managing the payment process



care quality and transparency

by automating cost, claims and outcomes data insights to provide a dynamic value profile that helps payers, providers, and patients make value-based care decisions



pharmacy FWA and improving cost containment

by automating pharmacy financial, clinical, behavioral and outcomes data insights to enable high-performance formulary design and provider networks and mitigate FWA risk

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automated data
insights that…

immediately and continuously reduce risk to improve
healthcare financial and clinical performance by

Make it easy

Making It Easy

to access data insights

Make it easy

Making It Simple

to implement and
see improvement

HELP YOUR TEAM immediately and continuously reduce risk to improve healthcare financial and clinical performance:


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